Cat Fish marks Jared’s latest feat at Worth 1000…

Contest: Feats of Strength

ShocKitty // Cats vs Mice

Title: Cat Fish

So you’re girlfriend didn’t believe you when you told her you could bench press 200 pounds? That’s nothing for the people in this contest. Your task is to depict animals, people and/or vehicles in impossible feats of strength (i.e. a man pole-vaulting over a skyscraper, a car racing up the side of a building, an ant carrying a fridge).

The rules of this game are thus: You must show a person, vehicle or animal in the act of an impossible feat of strength as in our wonderful themepost.

Domestic Life // Cliche Hell

“Domestic Life” Wins at Worth 1000

Jared’s poster for the Morgan’s Grove Summer Concert Series

What is Responsive Design and Why Should I Care?

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