What is Responsive Design and Why Should I Care?

One of the recent buzzwords in the world of the web, is "Responsive Design". This method of design offers a flexible website template which "responds" to the users device and screen size. Essentially, a website will respond to YOUR WEBSITE USERS instead of forcing your users  to pinch, zoom and scroll sideways! A Responsive Design template uses flexible CSS rules based … [Read more...]

New item in Jared’s Gallery!

"Charlie" for the contest Poor Celebrities Celebrities live the high life, their wealth enables them to enjoy things us working stiffs can only dream about. But what happens when the money runs out, when celebrities have spent their last dimes and fall on hard times.  >> Go here to view the rest of Jared's Gallery … [Read more...]

Bottom Dweller, by Jared

Contest theme: "Breaking Old Habitats" For this contest, we'd like you to show us the crazy places that animals would try to call "home" if they suddenly yearned for a new habitat >> Go here to view the rest of Jared's Gallery … [Read more...]

New GSA Contract awarded to Studio 105

Studio 105 is pleased to be awarded a GSA contract for assisting OPM's federal executive and management training groups with promoting their management and leadership development programs. Studio 105 will be working with an in-house marketing team to develop a whole suite of printed and online promotional tools aimed at high performing federal agency managers and … [Read more...]

GettingMoreOnTheGround.com Website & Blog

Studio 105 and The Downstream Project recently launched a new website for Bobby Whitescarver. The project scope included: Redesigning the website template Configuring Wordpress for use as a Content Management System (CMS) Creating a Wordpress theme Importing posts and comments from his former Quickcast Blog Adding website content Bobby is a retired field … [Read more...]

Domestic Life // Cliche Hell

“Domestic Life” Wins at Worth 1000

Jared’s poster for the Morgan’s Grove Summer Concert Series

What is Responsive Design and Why Should I Care?

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