Cat Fish marks Jared’s latest feat at Worth 1000…

Contest: Feats of Strength Title: Cat Fish So you're girlfriend didn't believe you when you told her you could bench press 200 pounds? That's nothing for the people in this contest. Your task is to depict animals, people and/or vehicles in impossible feats of strength (i.e. a man pole-vaulting over a skyscraper, a car racing up the side of a building, an ant … [Read more...]

Steampunk Santa added to Jared’s Gallery

Check out Jared’s last creation for the Worth 1000 contest “The Secret Life of Santa” in the “Photo Effects Advanced” category. Bot Cracker // Steampunk Santa We all know what the jolly old elf is doing Christmas Eve, but did you ever wonder what Santa does the other 364 days a year? Ok, he prolly sleeps late on Christmas day, but after that, how does Santa spend his … [Read more...]

Fresh look for Friends of Shepherdstown Riverfront

Recently, Studio 105 had the privilege of creating a new site for a local organization who's desire is to preserve the Shepherdstown riverfront and revitalize the Mecklenberg Tobacco Warehouse. The Friends of Shepherdstown Riverfront needed to update their website content, design and code. They also wanted to have more control over their website content by having the … [Read more...]

“Domestic Life” Wins at Worth 1000

Check out Jared's last creation for the contest "Cliche Hell - Statue of Liberty" in the "Photo Effects" category. This is THE contest where a common cliche element is the star of the show.... The Statue of Liberty. It has been on our cliche list forever. Yet some people insist in using it on entries. Well, here is your chance. Get it out of your system, let us see the … [Read more...]

Jared’s poster for the Morgan’s Grove Summer Concert Series

Morgan’s Grove Market hosts a summer concert series to benefit Jefferson County nonprofits. The first in the series benefits Care Jam 2012 and the Morgan’s Grove Health Foundation. The first concert was  June 23rd from 1-5pm, at Morgan’s Grove Market. Click on the poster at right to take a closer look. Follow Morgan's Grove Market on Facebook to stay … [Read more...]

Domestic Life // Cliche Hell

“Domestic Life” Wins at Worth 1000

Jared’s poster for the Morgan’s Grove Summer Concert Series

What is Responsive Design and Why Should I Care?

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