Notes n’ Praises

The offices and hallways at George Washington Memorial Parkway are decorated with posters of the sites that you created.    The National Fossil Day art from last year – really gave a powerful identity to our first year for this event – which will now be an annual event.   This year – you again have set the bar very high with both the poster and new badge designs.   Wow!

This years work is another winner and received considerable positive feedback as I walked the halls at our NPS HQ in DC and showed staff.   You do more than create beautiful and effective art –  you are helping the NPS to tell important stories (i.e., Fossil Cycad NM) and to likely help to promote resource stewardship.

Vincent L. Santucci
Senior Geologist – Washington Liaison
National Park Service – Geologic Resources Division 

Thank you very much for creating the spectacular brochure and rack card for Historic Harpers Ferry. We are thrilled to have such attractive pieces to draw visitors to the town. We have heard many positiver comments on the design, clearly the key to getting the attention of the potential visitor and to sharing information in an appealing way.

Betsy Bainbridge
Executive Director
Harpers Ferry Foundation